Thyroid Issues

Thyroid – A New Way of Looking at Life Here I am suggesting a new way of looking at life so that you can help yourself. Using the acupuncture terms, we need to look more closely at YANG to see … Continue reading


Something we can well do without – except that it has been added to most of our daily life. Why is it to be taken out where possible? It displaces iodine so needed for life from our very cells. Taken … Continue reading


Fluoride Fluoride is not essential – it is in fact highly neurotoxic (and its presence turns off the iodine needed for thyroid, thus whole body thus life health).   Perhaps start here? Zero dosage is safe for fetuses – who … Continue reading

Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety Eat more fat!!! This is what your hormones are made from. Low thyroid function – which is rife through out my patients population and all who have these symptoms – including depression – need more raw ingredients … Continue reading