Cold – How it Affects Our Bodies

In acupuncture theory one of the major causes of disease is invasion of cold.

COLD weakens the metabolism/immune and digestive systems – so why would we knowingly weaken ourselves?  Perhaps because we don’t know any better.  If you have been trying to find out why you are not more well or why you are still creating problems – perhaps embracing a different life model may be a great start – yes this may seem odd – and different . . . but what you are currently doing is not working . . .

Our assumption that what is considered current ‘best practice’ at this very minute in our shared reality (and hence only world that matters) is the best on offer, may need rethinking.

You may ask the question – why would you NOT use cold — as everyone knows R.I.C.E?

It is taught in first aid. Everyone knows it is what you do . ..  it happens in the hospitals, so it MUST be right . . . or it wouldn’t be offered.

It is relatively recently that warmth has stopped being offered and ice is in its place.

Warmth provides comfort and allows more blood flow to enhance healing.

From cultures whose traditions stretch back well past anything ‘medical’ in ours (the past 100 years or so), there has been respect for nature.

To most Asian peoples, using cold and calling it therapeutic is tantamount to being seen as stupid.

Cold stops circulation. It numbs through blocking sensation.

Blood carries oxygen in and impurities out of cells, anything that enhances circulation helps healing.

Cold causes contraction and thus congestion  . . and hence more pain.

Sleeping in a draft is a great example.

So very often one of a couple – usually the man – is sleeping too hot and has to have air – meaning she – with often  a much lower metabolism – is left shivering under the bedding and he is blithely happy with the air conditioning or fans or windows open all seasons.  She is not well and can’t seem to shake off whatever she is always ‘catching’/suffering from  . . . and he is fine.

Or maybe the sore neck is just not getting better or the hay fever/sinus/headaches – and often the cold invasion – of the working environment – or the chilled water that is all there is to drink – or the temperature food choices are all adding to the body’s inability to get well and stay there.

Leaving yourself open to long term problems, is using anything cold that depletes the body’s natural ability to stay warm. The inner resources get to be wasted to keep the cold from infiltrating further into the body’s deeper aspects where it can potentially do damage.

Problems I often relieve on the treatment couch, just by puling out the cold that has been stuck there – often for decades . . .



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