Copper is essential in tiny amounts for blood production and healthy nerves and hair.

Possible copper deficiency – anemia, low body temperature, bone fractures and osteoporosis, low white blood cell count, irregular heartbeat, loss of pigment from the skin (vitiligo), and thyroid problems.

Some may have Wilsons’ disease and not know it.
(Healthy people excrete copper they don’t need but those with Wilson disease cannot).
Need zinc and manganese and other micro-minerals all in balance.
Dietary sources of cobalt are the same as vitamin B12, such as foods of animal origin or fermented foods where the bacteria produce the vitamin. Also foods grown directly in the soil – mushrooms, onions, garlic.
Dietary sources of copper include oysters, liver, whole grain breads and cereals, shellfish, dark green leafy vegetables, dried legumes, nuts, and chocolate.
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