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This information from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger should be worth saving for future reference:

Ever wonder which foods, herbs or nutrients would be most helpful for your particular health challenges?
Now you can find the answers, instantly!

You’ll find the herbs at:

And the nutrients at:

Each of these sites allows you to explore natural medicines that are known to be helpful for various diseases and health conditions. You’ll learn, for example, that green tea helps prevent breast cancer, or that Vitamin D is important for reversing osteoporosis. Over a hundred health conditions are covered in detail, plus hundreds more entries on individual foods, herbs and nutrients.

Currently, the research presented on these sites is based on 14 books and natural medicine encyclopedias. We’re working on expanding that to 25 books to cover even more diseases and natural medicines, so be sure to check back from time to time and watch our online reference sites grow! In particular, we’ll be expanding the herbal site to include rainforest herbs, Chinese medicine herbs and more Western herbs as well.


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