Please wonder why it is even needed.

Many countries are very concerned about the damage this new retail opportunity for chemicals into the body is even safe – let alone needed. Ireland . .Please note that the parents are not to be informed of what else can and does happen ..

If you have had the Gardasil vaccine, and you feel that your health has gone downhill since – you are not alone.  There is so much Aluminium in this vaccine – and it is poisonous /neurotoxic.  Possibly start at about 37 minutes in this – or watch it all . .

Perhaps we need to actually wonder why we are even allowing this damage spread – as there are so many young women DEAD after this – vaccine not even needed. .

Informed choice – as hwo lives with the consequences? What likely risk is there – from adverse reaction – or the HPV – a who is not getting Pap smears – and who knows how undeadly to the average young woman the HPV even is? Why not look to improving health and Bot D levels? Not drinking alcohol? Being happy? Increasing B complex all through the day in food – and if needed – supplements – it is about good lives/health/bodies – which are not improved through vaccinating. Is there an alternative?

Of course – live well . .

Listen to warnings?

Why even think of the cervical cancer vaccine – as Pap smear have worked for this. . and if you have been vaccinated with this – look to how to removing the aluminium and all the other heavy metals that should never ever have been added into your or your daughter’s body ..  .

One less . . .

But is it the SOURCE of the virus?

Want to feel better? At least drinking silicon rich water from now on is the cheapest way to get rid of at least the aluminium that should never be in your body and is in that vaccines. If you intend to have more than the three in one ‘course’ and continue to add all that aluminum into your body – you may perhaps want to find out why you may wish to rethink – by just seeing that as of May 2013 the AVERS reporting system in USA had 139 girls dead so far as of then (not including the 10 year old lad in UK) – these are just the USA figures and not those who died in the initial ‘safety’ trials – in 93 apparently (Thrid World testing)  . . . from being vaccinated with this – that is 139 people who at that stage of their lives would not ever have died from cervical cancer. As we live in a First World, we are all able to get Pap smears done. Is buying into all that fear mongering really worth it?

Look at least to why you do not want aluminium in your body here.

How to get this and all the rest of what is residue messing with normal functioning, out?

Talk with me about investing in your futureby removing safely, effectively all that is not ever supposed to be within your body messing with perfect.