Men’s Health

Men’s Health

Physical health is all about a balanced life.

Expressing feelings and being in touch with others is so very necessary to be happy.

(What men need to have a happy life?)

A 18 to 90 year old study of a group of men – what makes a man happy???

More touching . . Here is the answer – invest in the men’s home massage course

Men’s Home massage Course

Aging worries?

Perhaps realise that bodies are designed to heal themselves – and we need to just stop breaking them to live well. Explore all on this site – especially research the Glutathione – please sign up to get yours today as it will revolutionise your life – 6 capsules in the morning and you really won’t know yourself. It is something that our bodies all need to make all the time – the major anti inflammatory in our lives – so stop all sugar, drink much more pure non chilled water and take your Glutathione accelerator

Then – start with the prostatic drainage and the Maya massage therapy – I work in both NZ (West Cast of the South Island) and Brisbane Australia. More here.

Fertility worries?

At home!!!
Do it yourself – live with healthy choices

Health statistics for men are not that impressive! More men than women get diagnosed with cancer and more men die from it. Effects of smoking long term – cancer in offspring, years later if dad as ever smoked . .

Trawl these pages to see how a simple thing like changing what you eat can have such amazing results.  Wonder about the recurrent miscarriages/IVF failures ..

Start on the Glutathione accelerator and you may not believe that you are the same person.

The course here will consolidate what the Prostatic drainage and the moxa sacral fan can do to change your circulation, your zest for life and of course your oomph. Old sporting injuries, a bad injury – whatever is plaguing you.

Reduced fertility 

Modern life is not helping making babies. Anything – not just the phone in your pocket – that causes a heating or electrical charge (think iPads/laptops/car keys/any radiation going through your body – Wifi/car keys . .  that your dad did not have exposure to its likely to be messing with your sperm generating cells – and potentially damaging your children (if you get to have any) before they are themselves conceived – forever.


Perhaps look to this presentation that is life changing!!
It is a great mess – almost all chemicals get into everything and mess with our future babys’ ‘ good health and foundations.

Is it something in the water perhaps? Likely.


Should not be there – it will lower your sperm count – and ability to digest and live well – and have a well body – and a functioning brain – and of course even libido .. . look to wellness – not fertility and take out all that is not beneficial.

It may not be you, but could be your grandson, or neighbour, or best friend – if you know anyone who is contemplating being a dad – or who is having a hard time of getting there – please consider this…

Fertility is a measure of health

How well you are (on the inside) = how fertile your sperm are.

Until the 1990’s it was a 50% or more NORMAL LOOKING sperm that was considered the least fertile. (That means that they have one head and one tail – not that the DNA contained in the head is that great – hence more miscarriages). In the late 90’s what was considered to be the least fertile a man could be was to have only 30% normal looking sperm. In the early 2000’s – there are so few men getting past that lowered post it was dropped again to 14/5 %. From the end of 2010 – so few men where the least fertile bar had been dropped to that they just used the criteria for ICSI – when the sperm are so useless that they are drilled into the egg by scientists – what sort of baby will this decrepit sperm make at anything more than 3% having one head and one tail?

So why is no one pointing this out? Doctoring is not a health concern, but a crisis management exercise – fueled by drugs to take forever, instead of adjusting what created your deviation from perfect functioning. There is no money to be made in telling you to live simpler. That is what changes a sub/non fertile man into being a dad.

Where is the problem?

No one seems to be telling the truth: to be a dad – all you need to do is throw away the habits and the comfy lifestyle. Change what you are doing and your sperm will become more lively.

Please watch the ‘Disappearing Male’ footage and start getting some one to attend to what nourishes your male bits. Do the prostatic drainage and the sacral moxa found on these ages as well as look to the fertility area here. There are heaps of things that can be done that cost nothing – or less than what you are doing now.
Recently, environmental toxins have become so if you are one of those blokes who don’t know a lot about their health, or you know someone who could do with some information, start researching yourself – reactive oxidative stress and Vit C will surprise you – yes – simple Vit C.

Instead of hastening off to reproductive medicine with imperfect supposedly good enough sperm – to be injected into her eggs – wait – stop and think – perhaps read this.

During natural conception or routine IVF, oxidative damage to the sperm membrane will normally block fertilization, preventing the damaged paternal DNA from creating an embryo. However, during IVF-ICSI this natural barrier to fertilization is lost and sperm containing significantly damaged DNA can still achieve fertilization following microinjection (Zorn et al., 2003a). While many of these embryos will ultimately fail at the blastocyst or early fetal stage, there is the potential for a child to be born with damaged paternal derived DNA. The consequences of this are as yet unknown but it has been suggested to include the initiation of genetic defects and childhood cancer (Aitken and Krausz, 2001; Aitken et al., 2003). See more

Why not stop and get well and then make great sperm and THEN make a baby – not try for any old one that happens along – at great cost – and further cost if/when it does not work well.

To help my male patients increase their chances of becoming a dad, I get them to take at least 12 GRAMS of Vit C a day as an additive in water and sipped all day – within four days it has been shown to improve motility. Why are the IVF doctors not at least directing you to this very easy option – there is plenty of evidence for improving what you have got (cheaply). Will it cause any trouble? No. The more stressed and toxic we are, the more we need Vit C. So at the worst you will be more healthy – this can’t be a bad thing. 12 grams is taken throughout the day as it is water soluble and the body will either use it or eliminate it. The more often you take it, the more you will feel fantastic!

Is it maybe him holding up our babies? OR can he help me if it is my body not so fertile?

Can his body make better sperm? Quality and the amount and their speed of swimming?
YES to all questions – find out how here

Fertility App (for him and couples and how to naturally undo what is happening and how to heal yourself/to make easier pregnancy and better babies . .

Declutter, Reset, Restore


Pregnancy App natural help all through from pregnancy to birthing to breastfeeding and parenting . . .

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