A report on the toxic substances in the
umbilical cord blood of Canadian newborns

Environmental Defence Canada tested the umbilical cord blood of three newborn babies and found each child was born with 55 to 121 toxic compounds and possible cancer-causing chemicals in their bodies.
Of the 137 chemicals found in total, 132 are reported to cause cancer in humans or animals, 110 are considered toxic to the brain and nervous system and 133 cause developmental and reproductive problems in mammals.

Read the full  report on the toxic substances in the umbilical cord blood of Canadian newborns here.

Environmental Defence Canada (formerly known as the Canadian Environmental Defence Fund) is a non-partisanenvironmental charity. Founded in 1984, it is known for its effectiveness and innovative work on preventing and reducing pollution of the environment and human health. Its areas of education and research include toxic chemicals, urban sprawl, tar sands, global warmingwater quality and endangered species. It’s often cited for its leadership on banning BPA in baby bottles. Canada was the first country to protect babies from BPA’s harmful effects in this way.




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Sleep apnea/headaches

Is it natural to wear a machine to sleep..  .

or do we ‘just’ need Vit D? (takes over an hour – but possibly this is just what you may need to watch  .. this neurologist says about NORMAL sleep . .

and headaches/leg and foot burning – sleep interruption

What to do if you are going to vaccinate

After all the due diligence, and you have decided to vaccinate – yourself – or your child, perhaps think again . . is there a Silent Epidemic?

What if you feel railroaded? Trust your maternal instincts . .

Once you are clear that you want to go ahead with a vaccination, look to your, or your children’s health – is it as good as it has ever been?
Why do I ask?
Because to vaccinate is dependent upon a strong healthy immune system to work itself magic with the vaccine antibodies. If you are unwell, the vaccination will have a very different – and possibly not useful at all response mounted against it. Not the intention of being vaccinated.

If you are at all unwell – especially with an auto immune disease, or something that has temporarily laid you low, waiting till you are in the best health possible is paramount.

The liver organ has to detoxify all the extra chemical and toxic substances that are also injected into you. This means there should be much more Vit C (to help the liver) than usual. Given that few of us have sufficient, a little often and building it up to bowel tolerance leading into the time you are to be vaccinated is highly important.

If you have a lot of iodine in your body – that can only help your thyroid help itself – and more iodine on the skin for several days will help the detoxing process.

As will magnesium on the skin – constantly.

As will making sure the body is not acid – by avoiding all sugars and fruits and foods (like grains and cereals) that reduce to sugar in the body – and taking heaps of water rand alkalising agents.

Then there is the sun – you know – life giving? The happy vitamin? Vit D – enough of this and no illness will touch you – or if it does – very minor infraction into your robust health and vitality. So now you have the ingredients for a happy immune system – why is it that you think putting poisons in and neurotoxic agents and excitotoxins to override nature is beneficial? Perhaps look again at the fear laden messages – is this because mainstream medicine is not about health but about disease management?

What is herd immunity?

Could this be where you really want to go – healthy children from healthy parents living a healthy life? Not the perfect storm being kicked up in your face .. .
Why you do NOT want to add aluminium into any body (worth watching though 51 minutes long) – what would it take to get your child safe? (I do wish someone had pointed all this out to me, before I permanently damaged my child, in good faith . . .

Vit CDr Archie Kalokerinos discovered so long ago (and ignored in mainstream medicine) – essential if you wish your baby to NOT die when vaccinating . .

Vit D – so essential for life – and the immune system (of course – mostly in our gut).

Magnesium – on the skin preferably – at least in the bath – Epsom salts  but preferably Magnesium chloride flakes.

Iodine – need this to detoxify naturally – with our thyroid working well – so then – why is there fluoride in the water – so we have less receptors to bind the iodine to?

At least hopefully that way, your baby, your child, or yourself will then have more tools with which to cope with what will go in with your hopeful, though fear based invasion of your previously perfect body.

Please – rethink and if you must – use the detoxing drops – safe, and very effective – to remove the bits that are so very damaging within the vaccinations you will take on board.


My own zeolite story

When I heard the tone of a friend’s voice lift, I asked her (on a phone call) ‘Is this the new homeopath’s doing?’ – to hear that no, it was some detoxing drops – I thought – can only help Kathryn – my profoundly autistic daughter.

Continue reading

Gardasil vaccine approval fast-tracked

From Judy Wilyman
PhD Candidate

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my research on the HPV vaccine was published in the Infectious Agents and Cancer Journal (link below). I have now summarised this material in a blog that is published on the Hormones Matter website. Below is a link to this blog. This is a vaccine that was fast-tracked for market approval by the FDA before the phase 3 clinical trials were completed. This vaccine has never been tested for safety against unvaccinated people using an inactive placebo. Continue reading

What are we doing to ourselves?

I have been recently wondering why people are not healing as they used to.
What is blocking healing?
Whilst I have been very successful in helping peole over the past 35 years, there seems to be more at stake than ever before.

Whilst it is easy to talk to the social changes, something more fundamental seems off.

Especially as the current epidemic of apparent infertility is being followed by children was we never were – ill and disordered and in need of so much expensive interventions – and even then not as their grandparents were. Continue reading

Gardasil causing premature ovarian failure/sterility

The Gardasil injection series (3) contain Polysorbate 80 – known to cause sterility in pre pubescent rats. As rats make their own Vit C, this is even worse in people as we don’t. We need Vit C to detoxify – especially when poisons are placed in our inner environments.

Here is what happened to three girls who innocently have lost their potential babies and femininity. Continue reading