What makes us ill?

Anything that weakens the body’s ability to adjust its position to perfect in all situations. What weakens the body most is unresolved emotional issues – and climatic disturbances – especially those that lodge within the body – often for years. . . . starting with Continue reading

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Feeling as though you will explode,

or you do something really bad if you ever let anyone know just what is going on inside you?

This in itself is the major reason for what is called anxiety – your being stuck in a stress response does nothing for life and health.  Or your ability to be able to live in your life without major dramas making it all worse.


Do NOT go to the doctor to get drugs.

If your pot plant is wilting, it is likely replacing what is missing – water – will revive it.

Same as running out of oil in the car – put more in – and it goes again . . .

You know what is upsetting you really . ..

Sort out WHY your panic is happening

The prescribed drugs at best numb you. Find someone who can work with you to help alleviate the short term issues – especially not sleeping and invariably this is as easy as exercise more, no caffeine, take better food – fat, protein and lots of veggies – and NO SUGAR OR CAFFEINATED ANYTHING or alcohol – and use Vit B, and C in small and consistent amounts, and using heaps of magnesium on your skin.

Others also suggest that you need to stop the calcium and start with the magnesium, as it is missing now from the foods we choose to eat the soils and the body needs so be-very much more as the stress and toxins in modern life are eating it up faster than we ingest it . .. leading to mood disorders .. .

Watch this documentary made with psychiatrists, pharmacists and drug representatives talking about the mood disorders now ‘treated’ by a frightening array of chemicals that are not helping – and are often leading to far greater problems. It is very big business to keep you in a mess.

What if it was as simple as . . .

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Depression/Mood Disorders

Please look to the information I have on Stuck Liver Qi (LINK PLEASE)  in any of my eBooks or on the site www.heatherbruce.com.au

Depression is also often no more than an offshoot of the low thyroid function.

Often helping yourself is as simple as changing your nutritional status.
From there it is easier to FEEL like doing something different.
From there also the metabolism may start to chug along better . . . leading to all things being clearer/not so difficult for you.

Begin with . . .

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Low Thyroid Function

Underactivity of the thyroid gland i.e. hypothyrodism, is an extremely common condition and responsible for an enormous amount of ill health. Apart from causing obvious symptoms like fatigue, over weight and sensitivity to the cold, it ensures that almost every system in the body is at a low ebb. I find at least 90% of people coming in for help in clinic for a wide variety of issues have this as their base problem. Attending to the reasons behind the low thyroid function (often just with diet and exercise) undoes most of what is happening. Continue reading

Cold – How it Affects Our Bodies

In acupuncture theory one of the major causes of disease is invasion of cold.

COLD weakens the metabolism/immune and digestive systems – so why would we knowingly weaken ourselves?  Perhaps because we don’t know any better.  If you have been trying to find out why you are not more well or why you are still creating problems – perhaps embracing a different life model may be a great start – yes this may seem odd – and different . . . but what you are currently doing is not working . . .

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