Nutritional Deficiencies

Most problems are nutritional deficiencies not drug deficiencies.

Nutritional deficiencies are the underlying issue for most all problems that you may be experiencing . .
(First, Do No Harm )

Mothers not taking much extra iodine when pregnant and breastfeeding – it is not available so readily in iodised salt – may lead to their children have the modern rash of neurological problems – especially when vaccination is given far too early (before the baby can eat normal foods to test what they are allergic to ).

  • ADHD – take iodine – and tyrosine
  • Autism – iodine deficient?
  • Cholesterol is not a statin deficient problem but a iodine deficient one.
  • Endometriosis and PCOS – and thus infertility problems.
  • All infections – will respond to taking iodine.
  • Fibrocystic breast disease/any breast problems
  • Breast cancer
  • Auto immune problems esp of the thyroid.
  • prostate problems
  • gluten and other auto immune and allergic problems
  • depression
  • brain not working – esp after baby or when pregnant – is not baby brain – but ‘not enough iodine’ brain . .
  • thyroid cancer
  • any cancer- changes tissues from a hyperplastic state to normal . . .
  • weight gain when on Lexapro or Prozac and similar antidepressants – they have Bromide in them which upsets your thyroid – hence the weight gain – and probably the depression was there as it was really an iodine deficiency.

Can you take too much?
Apparently not – please watch the footage.

As you are reading this you are probably deficient in iodine – and many other nutrients – look also at Vit D and also Selenium . .
I have been watching all coming into my practice – for anything – and the low thyroid not picked up by blood testing is a likely experience if I ask about this.

My suggestion to test your thyroid is to start taking your vaginal or rectal temperature – first thing in the morning as it is a basal study needed.

Dr Brownstein says over 96.4% of those tested in his practice – far too low iodine – and it is important to apparently to get the best tests.

Bromine is now added to bread products instead of iodine (since 1960’s).

Bromine has no none uses in the body, but inhibits iodine and binds to the breast and can brominate instead of iodine in the thyroid hormone.  Bromine also with Chlorine in hot tubs and swimming pools – and sprayed on crops and used for termites. where do we start for iodine uptake improvement?

Mums breastfeeding are the sole source of iodine for baby – and if the bromine is coming through?
Maintenance of normal breast tissue need a lot of iodine  8 – 10 to one women versus men due to higher iodine requirement ..

If sick – you need more.  Especially if you have a chronic problem.
The RDA must be individualised – and Lugol’s tableted is better.
Not rectified by iodised salt.
Seaweed – lots of it daily . . at least

I use Lugol’s on the skin – daily till it stays on top of the skin if not needed.
When troubled with auto immune problems and cancers – esp of breast – iodine . .
Use up to 50 Milligrams daily – not micrograms ..

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