What Happens When We Eat?

From an energy perspective, what happens to what we eat is very different to what is happening ‘actually’ (physically). When we ingest anything, there is a refining (rotting and ripening) and all that is relatively (most important word here) pure ascends, and what is more dense /base/less pure – descends.

At each level – the more pure is separated out and used whilst the relatively impure finds itself a new level further along – for the again – more pure to be used and the less pure to sink . . . eventually to the bottom and sent out.

When everything works as designed, we pop something in our mouths, swallow, and our Spleen Yang Qi (the fire under the pot) transforms what we choose to incorporate into our being through the ‘rotting and ripening’ process to eventually discard the rest.

The inner journey of transformation of what was to what we become is explained further on the ‘Helping Yourself to Better Health and Vitality’ eBook found in the Livewell package.

Basically if we are choosing to eat a little, often – and most importantly – body temperature or above – and in moderation and variety and no more than three hours between nibbles – we are looking after ourselves.

This is the easiest way to lose weight and become more energetic – eat nutrient rich snacks.

Eat and drink only what is warm enough and only a little.

If cold energy or cold vibration (lots of water/raw/needing to be heated before transformation is sent down the tubes . . . the fire is cooled off – making more work – as the stomach contents have to be heated to allow the rotting and ripening to properly work, or not, as is so often the case.


What happens when we eat

What happens when we eat

From this diagram you can see that when we inadvertently put the inner digestive fire out it is like continually opening the oven door in preparation to eat what is being cooked – foolish . . . it takes longer and in the case of a souffle, angel food cake, or for the kiwis and aussies – a pavlova – it just won’t be the same.
Like trying to bake pastry at 180C – when the recipe says 225C – why would you?

So too with the gut – very often you are ‘doing everything right’ . . . . (perhaps you are doing everything you know about .. . we don’t know what we don’t know) and still the problem persists.

It is a bit like saying ‘unexplained infertility’ or ‘intractable pain’ or not knowing a ’cure’ for cancer . . it is really a case of the orthodox/dominant way of thinking is not covering what it needs to – and hence using the accepted parameters we currently call ‘truth’ or ‘reality’ – it SEEMS to be hopeless . . . .

Except if you use a different model – all of a sudden – there you have the answers.

Should you want to heal (change) it is necessary to change what it is you are doing . .

If you have ‘energy’ issues – perhaps not so much pop vitamin pills (although extra Selenium has to come from somewhere to allow you to transform T4 to T3 . ..and also bind Mercury (dental amalgam, swine flu injections, stray heavy metal accumulations you have picked up through coming through a maternal body loaded with it from her own heap of dental fillings and injections past . . . ) but don’t put your digestive fire out ever again . . it is enough to have to function under the strain of being ‘stressed’ – why try to put the fire out as well?

As you may not see this information anywhere else – possibly it may seem odd.

Highly intuitive to some – as they have never drunk chilled water and won’t eat or drink naturally – anything not at least body temperature.

You would not think to do such a silly thing as offer a baby cold fluids – they would puke straight back up again . . . so we could respect ourselves by looking after the food factory better.

Gut aches, gurgling, diahorrhea of unknown origin or general tummy trouble (often including colic and seemingly inability to digest anything), food sensitivities, Candida, over growths of awkward inhabitants, allergies and the whole gamut of digestive distress begin . . . all because you cooled off the oven in the food factory.

Often fixing this is as simple as stopping breaking it.

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